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**Just Released** >> ** CLICK HERE for The Ultimate DVD In Seduction **

A Time-Tested Truth: The very best way to learn anything correctly is to go to an expert and learn from them. The next best thing is to get a video of the expert, in this case a PUA instructor [PUA = Pick Up Artist], and study it. When it comes to social mastery of male-female relationships, a seduction Video is an excellent second choice. And YouTube is the best source for videos, PUA videos or otherwise, for that matter.

The Newest Seduction Pick Up Training Videos - Get Laid ASAP!

BRAND NEW! Just Released!! April 30, 2013

Topic 1: Approach - Attraction - Escalation - Get Her to Like You, Want You

Guys, don't buy into all the other "so-called" pickup artists out there, a lot of their pick up tips are all from the same rehashed and recycled BS. To fine-tune your approach it pays to get seduction advice directly from the horse's [filly's:] mouth. And without question Kezia Noble is the best go-to girl out there. Kezia is a warm, generous, knowledgeable, incredibly sexy (every inch!), stylish, passionate Woman! And her passion is to personally help men the world over, YOU, be the best man you can be, and to win the heart of ANY girl you desire.

This video contains excellent tips on rapidly escalating from new acquaintance, to fun (and sexy) potential lover. Does a girl like you? Doesn't matter... With these techniques and come-backs you can MAKE her like you. Follow her advice and every woman will know that you aren't the least bit shy about being yourself, A Real Man.

Good job, Kezia... You ROCK!! + + + + ** CLICK HERE for The Ultimate DVD In Seduction **

More Pickup Info...

From the World's Elite PUA's. Great Training, Tips and Dating advice are revealed. DVD Super Conference Seminar samplings of the top experts in the field, where people pay $4,000 each to attend! Check it out.

Topics include: Approach, Attraction, the Triple Threat (Triad) System, 7 Pick Up Myths Exposed (and Destroyed), Day Game, Frame Control, Older Men & Younger Women, Social Proof, Qualification, Storytelling, Identity, and Inner Game. To see the the full List and offerings Go HERE, then click on "The Essentials" Tab.

Topic 2: Qualification

V-I-P. - Qualifying HER makes her want to seek your approval and your acceptance. You only date "the Best" so she will want to place herself into that category. BUT: Do this ONLY AFTER you have generated attraction in her or she possibly couldn't care less.
Moderator: "Keychain"

Topic 2: The Power of Frames

A person's "Frame" is one's core belief system or identity from which all their primary behavior emanates. Strong Frames Help to Make a Woman Instantly Characterize You as a Real Man, an Alpha Male. Strong Framing can get you a major part of the way down the road to many bedroom encounters. This is a Basic requirement for ALL guys. Don't neglect this one.
Moderator: "Future"

Please Check Out the Fith One down, on Cajun - It's Long, but The Best!

Seduction Video... provided by ABC News - PUA Approved!

Below we've posted a new PUA Seduction Video from ABC News Nightline - so it's legit. They (ABC) infiltrated the Love Systems Super Conference (on picking up girls) last month to see if their seduction techniques and dating tips worked. FYI: Love Systems is one of the biggest dating companies in the pickup artist industry.

The video aired recently. There is cutting edge hidden footage of dating coaches picking up women and breaking down what it took to make it happen. You can study these great PUA on video and learn to do it yourself. Nick Savoy is the Top Dog with Love Systems - he is really good. (He needs to make a seduction video himself!)

Unfortunately the TV crew was escorted out of the seminar room at one point, because the attendees were about to see how one of the coaches took a girl home in under 5 minutes, and broke it down how it was done. Oh, Well.

All the teachings of the company are based on the founder's book called the Magic Bullets Handbook. You can Grab a copy here: Magic Bullets


Now Check out the PUA-YouTube seduction video . . .

Another Official Seductive Seduction Video
- the Tyra Banks Show

And just for our fans this other picking-up-girls video also featuring Love Systems pick up artists [PUA 's]. Gather more insight by watching this revealing seduction YouTube selection

Again, that link is Magic Bullets . . . It's very inexpensive, especially considering the wealth of information you'll gain from it. Actually, after you read and absorb it, you will no longer say, "I Can't Figure Women out." You'll have a 'leg-up' on about 90% of the other males on the planet when it comes time to get a girl to like you - any girl.

Here's one final Pick Up Training Video available from none other than Kezia Noble, that really sexy Brit Chick. (She is really easy on the eyes;). This Pick Up Artist training video (Click This Link) is about 25 minutes long and password protected. PASSWORD is caden ... Should that become disabled go to her Website and give a Name and Email Address for your free lesson with an opt-in link by email. This will help considerably in teaching you how to impress a girl. Happy Hunting!

One other tip:

MEN are Logical creatures, OK? Males, especially Alpha Males, have a mission...

WOMEN are Emotional creatures... ... ... Remember that.

So adjust accordingly, and approaching, meeting, and picking up girls will become second nature to you. The Mission and Method, expressly spelled out, should be This...

"Change Her Mood - Not Her Mind"

'Hasta La Vista, Baby...'

See You Around...

Thank You . . . for surfing by! BYE!!

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