Three Thousand Lost Forevers
©2002 Steve Nelson -- All Rights Reserved
✞✞✞ ~∰~ - A Tribute to September 11th, 2001 - ~∰~ ✞✞✞

All our storied history, our spirits have run high
Hard work and steady progress, have sung our lullaby.
Here they came from every land, to strengthen Freedom's soul
To rid their hearts of evil sorts, reclaim their lofty goals.

What started as a splendid day, with Heaven there attending
Soon became a hellish shame, that will not soon be ending
A part of every True Heart, did die that Nine-One-One
For centuries, Home, our safety zone, was now an open wound

Our Life, our Love, our Future, drained towards the dark abyss
Every stinking bit of it, caused by cowardice
So many ended journeys; goodbyes all left unsaid.
Orphaned tears for all our years, will be our watershed.

In broken Hearts and wasted Dreams, Yes, Love's the refugee
But purge from Freedom self-restraint, and Death's the Legacy
Oh, God, we know so much, yet still do grasp so little
Help us, Fate, illuminate, the secret of Life's riddle.

All will see who nurtures Life, and welcome their endeavors
But God'll redeem with high esteem, our Three Thousand Lost Forevers

The Towering Hope of Freedom, will never die or fade
Three Thousand Lost Forevers, stand vigil on parade.