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At the American Dream Network ...

      OUR MISSION is...

First and foremost, to offer practical, useful information to help one achieve personal success and fulfillment. To Promote the development, evolution, acceptance, and use of the Internet for anyone anywhere... for everyone everywhere.

To Strive for ethical internet, business, and technoloy decision-making so that the internet will remain a positive force for good in the world.

To Help others to increase their knowledge of internet methods, tools, and resources so that they can strengthen their brand, increase market awareness and share, and enhance operational efficiencies, in order that they can prosper their clients, workers, communities, and regions.

To Enhance the internet and its potential to foster freedom, self-sufficiency, prosperity, education, wealth creation, new profit centers, efficiency, and capital preservation.

To Provide free access, open standards, universal protocols, where able... and promote international cooperation via international, transborder, digital, person-to-person communications, whether text, audio, or video communiqué.

To Make people see, understand, and utilize the power and rich future potential of digital, networked eCommerce [online sales].

To Motivate others on how to improve their lives, and improve the lives of their associates, friends, and family.

To Inspire and encourage others to do the best they can, and be the best they can be...

To Instill motivation in people so that they can find their purpose in life, and find and persue the lifework that culminates in their greatest satisfaction.

To Impart to Others the ability to achieve their own American Dream - whatever it might entail.

W E     S E E K . . .

To ...






Cheer on



Set an Example for



      ...The American Dream

Thank You . . . for surfing by!       BYE!!

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