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The American Dream - 10 Concepts to Live By  (Part 2)

7. Be a Transformer   (Redeem Your Self Esteem... and Others' Too)

Slowly, yet steadily, you stay after it and progress... No one ever said Life was easy - or fair.  The same can be said of persuing your American Dream.  Affirm only the good things in life and your vision will become clearer, more real, and eventually your dreams and beliefs will ALIGN... And your intentions & goals & inspiration will merge into one force so mighty that even the Universe itself cannot resist.  In fact, the Universe can only respond with "Your Wish is My Command" and Prest-O Change-O... YOU ARE THERE! (And your dream network will follow). Then, and only then, will your cherished American dreams become a reality to you and all those around you -your network...  and then you will enjoy a truly wonderful life.  A life of real Freedom, your dreams, fulfilled.  And along the way you impart your skills and knowledge to others in your network, that they may also attain Success and Happiness. You will be rewarded a thousand times over.

8. The Common Bond   (To Share is Divine)

We're All here, pure and simple, to help each other.  Reaching our dreams, and helping others do the same, unifies, uplifts, and motivates everyone involved. 'Pay it forward' is the rallying cry.  Millions come to America annually with only one thought in mind:  To make a better life for themselves and their loved ones.  And generation upon generation have come before them.  You owe it to yourself to seek your own highest ideal, wholeheartedly, and to do it with all that is in you.  Let you and your network become a 'Tour de Force' in everything you attempt.  Pool your efforts & resources with other team members.  And...   "Never Give Up.  Never.  Ever.  EVER!"  (~ a wise quote from Winston Churchill, the "Bulldog" of WWII Great Britain)

9. Live Life to the Infinite Power   (Act NOW - Life: It has an Expiration Date)

No one lives forever.  Our time on earth is not ours to know.  And in these busy times in which we live, windows of opportunity come and go in record time.  One distraction and, POOF! - it's gone forever...!.    That leaves us with only the present.  NOW is your chance.  Now is your Time.  Do whatever it takes to prepare yourself...  Mentally, with the right knowledge & attitude...  Physically, with good, smart, healthy habits...  Financially, by pooling your efforts & conserving/sharing key resources...  Spiritually, by affirming your Source of happiness,  ... and Strategically, by recognizing timely trends and taking decisive action when they come your way.   So Act, NOW... Time is of the essence.

10. Infinity is Within   (IDEAS = Prosperity...  Wealth Grows Wherever Men Exert Effort)

Everything you have ever wanted is within your grasp.  In fact, it is even closer than that:  It is inside of you...  even as you read this...  Yes...  it's absolutely true.  It's the timeless Secret that mystic sages have known for all eternity.  As Emerson so fittingly said: "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."  So true... So very true.  The only fitting response would be another famous line, spoken by Voltaire's Candide:  "Excellently observed," answered Candide; "... let us cultivate our own garden."  Yes, indeed, let's all cultivate our own gardens... our own American Dreams, collectively, AND individually, and achieve everything our hearts desire...  We will champion every promising opportunity with vigor and determination, and carry it out to its rightful conclusion:   SUCCESS!  So Make this your Motto, your Creed, your Rallying Cry...!

Also try reading the book "The Greatest Salesman in the World," by Og Mandino...
and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill... you'll be glad you did.

Join us will you...?

Whatever you can Conceive, if you can Believe it, you can Achieve it...