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BLAZING FAST internet service has arrived in Houston... Yee-Ha! A-N-D ... in the southwest suburbs of Houston, as well -- (not to mention major metropolitan areas across the nation). YAY! Now there's another alternative for internet service - grab it out of the sky. It's 4G and it's is the BEST thing since sliced bread! (IMHO:)

Tired of slow connections? Want to up-grade from dialup? Is cable broadband just TOO darn expensive? Well, then, UP-grade to 4G WiMAX - it is the future - Here Now. Want to be the coolest kat around and have MOBILE Wireless Broadband, the new high-tech 4G [4th Generation] technology? The transmit/receive towers are up and running. The 4G devices are here now, fully tested, and working great... So why wait any longer?

Be an innovator! And have the FULL POWER of the internet at your fingertips. Make quick work of your Music downloads and tranfers. Receive Movie, TV and video downloads in FAST MODE. Surf the net in record time. It's all do-able right now... in select areas of course. (It takes TIME, Baby - - Rome wasn't built in a day.

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And if you want to cash in on this blazing hot startup industry, just say so in your contact details, Okey Doke? Be a part of a lucrative future with the hottest products and services anywhere. With 4G - the future is here now! And brighter than anything that's come along in a long time.

Still more: We also have available High Definition satellite TV - - you guessed - DirecTV - so just give us a holler (via the contact form, naturally) and we'll see what we can do for you. They have more HD choices than any other. And their customer satisfication rating is the HIGHEST in the industry!

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