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The American Dream  -  Still Lives...   10 Concepts to Live By

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1. Welcome  EVERYONE   (The First of 10 Components of Success:  Include Others)

Greetings to all journeying to their American Dream. Those who thirst for Freedom, Self-determination, Independence, Prosperity, Self-worth, Personal Enrichment, Success.  What exactly is it?  Here are some classic definitions, from an American perspective:    @ The American Dream Wiki.     Read...  Absorb.   And Learn.   Here are some other relevent success quotes to further satisfy your curiosity.  [scroll down after it loads].

2. Orientation for Success   (Self Preparation)

Regardless of whether it's network marketing, direct sales, internet marketing, multi-level marketing, MLM, or a specific product, process, service, start-up, or idea you wish to pursue, you've come to the right place. The American Dream Network is about Success - Your Success, OUR Success...- anyone's personal social success; Why ?  Because it is only in conjunction with OTHERS that we accomplish the really big goals in life.  It's true.   Totally. And It carries over into our next point, Teamwork. It's about:  Leveraging your resources. Expanding your reach.  Multiplying your efforts. Duplicating your Success.   Achieving your goals.  And finding real contentment...  Interested?     Read On!

3. Teamwork   (Enhances Effort - Multiplies Reward)

It's no secret that teamwork is the glue that connects the hearts and minds of people.  When like-minded people come together wholeheartedly, there is NOTHING they can't accomplish.  It's even more true today than ever.  With the advent of lightning-fast computing, the internet NOW connects the entire WORLD.  Seamlessly.  Effortlessly.  Instantly.   Powerfully.   Online.  You use this power to fuel your own personal American Dream.

4. The Buzz of New Social Media   (Connectivity is a necessity for Personal Power today)

Think of its importance.  This new medium lets plain ol' run-of-the-mill, average Joes & Janes, share thoughts and ideas with experts, industry leaders, venture capitalists, persons of influence, INSTANTLY, from thousands of miles away, with little effort. Broadcast to one, five, or Five Thousand people!  Real power at your fingertips.  A business & marketing revolution is occurring right before our very eyes.   Lesson number one in this new frontier is this:  VALUE. It's a two-way street.  Give people VALUE and they'll return the favor. They'll reward you with their business, their endorsement, their time-honored advice, their help, their referrals.  Quality creates quality.  Chances are, they have their own American Dream.  Think about it...  Think, & Grow Rich.

5. The Library of Progress   (Continuous Improvement is Key)

Friends, here you'll find tips, tools, links, sources, resources, and opportunities to enrich, inspire, & motivate you and your network of friends & associates to new heights of acheivement and personal satisfaction.  It's your toolbox to help you build a sound foundation for your own business empire.  This site is young but will grow steadily.  New items will be added regularly to download and expand your horizons.  Opportunities, business know-how, Sales & Internet resources. New profit centers to enhance your internet presence. Get a little push to get you & your team motivated.  Start where you're at, then with the help of others & this site you can leapfrog to where you want to be.

6. Baptism by Fire and Dedication   (Learn by Doing... Self-Correct as Needed)

Immerse yourself with these new ideas and absorb them at your own pace.  Persue your Dream in earnest:  Think only of positive things, things you wish to attain or become.  Visualize the person you want to be - never think about things you don't have.  Avoid negativity, it's always counter-productive.  Practice an Attitude of Gratitude.  List and keep in mind the thousands of things you are thankful for:  Health, home, car, clothes, eyes, ears, feet, hands, nose, legs, your job, your income, your family, your friends. Also the infinite number of amazing places to explore & things to do: aviation, boating, fishing, sports, singing, dancing, the arts, education, good food, wine, love. The list is indeed endless. Consider yourself Blessed.   ALWAYS!


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